Live Showit Bootcamp


The Live Showit Bootcamp is a one-day, live, online training that will give you all the skills + confidence you need to master the Showit platform.

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Next enrollment period starts in spring 2020.

Any of this sound familiar?

You've been working on Showit sites for a while now, but just haven't had the time to focus on really learning the platform. You know the basics, but have specific questions and things you would really like explained. 

You're a web designer that has been interested in learning Showit for awhile so you can add it to your offerings, but haven't had time to really sit down and take the time to learn it. You feel overwhelmed at the thought of learning yet another platform.

You're sick of the "other" website builders out there.  You're tired of your website designs looking like everyone else's since you're restricted to templates. Not to mention that you hate coding!

You're sick of designing sites you just have to pass off to a developer in order to complete. You want to be able to do both so you can keep more money in your pocket.

You've been hanging out in the Showit User Facebook group searching for answers to your questions, but you still can't figure it out. You wish you just had a real person who could walk you through it.

You've bought a few self-paced courses, but never seem to finish them. You wish someone could sit there with you to answer the questions that pop up and for the things you may need to ask that aren't in the curriculum. 

What you're really looking for is...

A live training where you can ask as many questions as you want and get answers from a professional. No waiting for responses from the support team, or asking a stranger in the Facebook group. 

Someone to sit down and teach you the Showit platform in a day (or less). You're ready to dive in head first and take it all in! You want someone that is there live for anything that comes up while you're learning.

A TRUE drag and drop website builder that allows for complete design freedom and little to NO coding. Not to mention having the power of Wordpress in addition to all of that!

Skills to master a platform in which you can design and develop your websites for your clients without having to outsource. You wanna keep that money! 

A one-day commitment to learn Showit. You don't want to worry about accountability for the next couple of weeks or months! 

A community of others that are in the same boat as you are so you can bounce ideas off of and support each other.

Live Showit Bootcamp


This one-day, small group, online live bootcamp will include training on:

- Full Overview
- Canvases and Pages
- Design Settings
- Contact Forms
- Shortcuts
 - Blog templates
- Featured posts sections
- Blogging and Wordpress
- SEO settings
- Integrating email platforms
- Adding Instagram widgets
- Setting up domains
- Shopify buy button overview

Also featuring topic requests!

You can request any topic to be added to the training! If something has had you stuck, or you haven't been able to figure it out, we'll work through it during the bootcamp!

Ending with a Q + A

For any questions that popped up along the way!

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But that's not all!

You'll also get lifetime access to my Showit Facebook group for direct access to me and your fellow bootcampers for troubleshooting and connecting! 

Let's do this!

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