helping showit designers focus on DESIGN by taking the development work off their plates. just because you can do it yourself doesn't mean you have to.

You = the creative genius + website designer


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You’ve built your website design business based on your keen eye for design and a passion for helping other businesses grow. You've worked hard over the years, managed to book out your services, and are at a point where you’re taking on all that you can take on. You'd like more time to take on more clients, but don't know what to outsource. 

If you’re ready to focus on more of what you love again in your design business (ahem, designing!), we need to chat. I’m here to support your design business by taking on the build outs of your designs in Showit that still need that careful eye for design. 

This isn’t work you’ve ever been able to hand off to a VA, and work that you wish would be ‘just done for you.’ You didn't think that Showit developers even existed! You wish you had someone who just got it, who knows Adobe, and gets your vision. You need someone that is a Showit expert and can take on anything Showit-related so that you can free up more time to design more websites and grow your business. 

Now you can stick to what you love, free up more time to take on more clients, and feel comfortable knowing your websites are in good hands. I'm so excited to help you create your next masterpiece website!

Wanna hear more?

(Of course you do!)

Me = the showit developer + design support specialist

Showit FAQ Page Template


grab the template!

Always wondered how those interactive FAQ pages worked in Showit?
Or maybe you just hate having to build them from scratch each time you build a Showit website? 

Kiss those FAQ page blues goodbye! I’ve built a fully customizable FAQ page template for you to easily add to your site in just a few clicks! Add a background, change to your brand colors and fonts, make it your own! 




I have a BFA in graphic design and a passion for working with other creatives. I drink way too much coffee and am a total typography nerd. Do you need someone to support you with all things Showit? Let's chat!

How many more website clients could you take on if you didn't have to develop them in showit yourself?

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Here's How It Works

you design a beautiful website and then pass off the final design files to me.

let's chat!




I take your files and build / Develop them into a beautiful showit site with full functionality in around two weeks.

final revisions and launch with full support from me!

sound good?

-Christy Cegelski, Copywriter & Educator

Kind Words

"Katie is FANTASTIC and I don't trust anyone else with my website! She responds quickly, is always down to help with whatever updates I need, and turns it around fast.

She's got a great eye and offers the best suggestions for making your site look better and how to create a better user experience (which is essential for the tech-averse, who don't even know what questions to ask, like me!) I get the best compliments on my website every single day and I have Katie to thank.

If you need a Showit expert, HIRE HER. You'll wish you did it a long time ago! 

-Alex Krahling, High Moon Studio

Kind Words

"Katie has been such a dream to work with. As someone who became super busy extremely fast in my business, it was hard for me to let go of control.

When I finally handed over the development of my Showit websites to Katie, my entire world changed! It’s given me so much peace of mind, and I have more time to continue pushing my business forward.

She’s super reliable, self-sufficient, and always delivers. Highly suggest!"

-Kelsey Kerslake, Pinegate Road

Kind Words

"Working with Katie has been my secret weapon as a business owner! As my business grew, I knew I needed to have a capable, technologically savvy, and timely designer on my team to help with ongoing work — and Katie was just that! She is dependable, does amazing work, and I love how seamlessly she has worked with my team and clients to deliver amazing experiences all-around. Thank you, thank you Katie, for all you do!!!"

-Leslie Vega-Ward, Leslie Vega Design

Kind Words

"Katie has literally been a godsend for me. I have been a brand and web designer for ten years and I wish I would have found her so much sooner. I was recently advised by a business coach that I really needed to start contracting out my web development work. I was hesitant at first because I naively felt like if I wasn't doing all the work, I didn't merit the client's payment. But oh my goodness, I was so wrong. 

Using Katie has actually been an enhancement to my business and workflow. I get to do what I love - the design portion, and then she brings it to life perfectly, just as I envisioned it for the client. Her attention to detail and natural eye for design have ensured that my designs are coming to life correctly. 

Not only is she great with detail, but she is very savvy with the ShowIt platform and so fast! I was so surprised to receive my first preview of a client's site within days of providing the design files. This is so key to my clients' process and their timely experience with me.

My experience with Katie has been wonderful and I hope to partner with her for a long time as my business continues to grow."

-Lexi D'Angelo, The Brand Party

Kind Words

"Before working with Katie I was doing #ALLTHESHOWITTHINGS myself, which was honestly driving me cray. While I looove the visionary and creative element of design, the nitty gritty and techie elements do not bring me joy.

Being a recovering perfectionist and control freak I was definitely skeptical of handing over aspects of my website to someone else, but holy shizballlllls! I AM INFINITELY GRATEFUL I DID!

Working with Katie feels like a million pounds has been lifted off my shoulders and it's such a relief to know that I get to stick with my zone of magic while she works hers! I even had her create the mobile builds off of the desktop design and she did a waaaaaay better job designing them than I had.

She is a total Showit Queen and I am so grateful not only for her masterful skillset and attention to detail, but for who she is as a person. She is an absolutely dream to co-create with and you will be so damn grateful you gave yourself the gift of working with her! Not to mention, you will be paid tenfold by being able to focus on what you do best. My income skyrocketed like whoa once I was able to give Katie the things that weren't in my zone of magic and I know you'll experience the same!"

-Rachelle Demoskoff, 86th and Trend

Kind Words

"In order for my business to continue to grow, I knew I needed to start hiring support around me to help with the work. I am so happy I found Katie! She is amazing to work with and so good at what she does. She has become such a key part of my work flow; taking my designs and actually building out my client’s websites. The time she has saved me has been so valuable and has allowed me to take on more clients! Thank you Katie - you’re the best!!"